History & About the Beast

Saucy Beast is a Portland, OR based company that produces sauces and seasonings for the people! All of our hand-crafted products provide unique and exciting flavors for use in all cuisines. Owner/operator, Shawn Upholt, has been in the restaurant business for over 28 years and now brings his creations to you. After learning to cook in New Orleans in the early ’90s, he moved to Portland in 1996. He has worked with Cajun & Creole cuisines, Southern, French & Fusion, Italian, Mexican, South American, American, BBQ, Pizza, and multiple Asian styles of cooking.  His current creative passion is breakfast food at the New Deal Cafe, where Saucy Beast was born. Shawn believes that food should be flavorful, fun, and approachable.  He has a love of simple ingredients, balanced flavors, and unique blends.  We hope that you enjoy his products and ideas.