Salt Cured Garlic

Salt Cured Garlic is preserved the old-world way: with salt, air, and patience. Each batch of organic garlic is sorted by hand to ensure only the best cloves are used. Then the garlic is layered with salt and mild chilies; and it’s allowed to sit…and sit…and sit…and well, you get the picture. The liquid (brine) is separated, and what you have left is salt cured garlic. It is kinda dry, kinda wet, kinda sticky, VERY salty…and completely shelf stable.

What’s shelf stable, you ask? Well, when food is able to be stored at room temperature without risk of spoiling: that’s shelf stable. What that means in this situation is that Saucy Beast Salt Cured Garlic can be stored in your spice cupboard or on the counter, and not go bad. It’s also DELICIOUS! It not only takes the place of salt and garlic in recipes, but it also gets a little extra zing from the curing process. Live cultures in the garlic give a slight tanginess while the chilies add a bit of a roasted flavor. It’s great for sauteed vegetables, garlic bread, pasta, rice, dipping sauces and dressings. Use it in place of garlic and salt in recipes. Use about twice as much salt cured garlic as salt in recipes.

Here are some other ideas:

  • chop garlic and soak over night in water; then use the water to add during stir-fry
  • chop and mix with melted butter for a seafood or bread dip
  • whole cloves can be used to help start other food ferments such as kimchi or sauerkraut
  • blend with oil, thyme, and vinegar for a quick salad dressing
  • add to water while cooking rice
  • mix with veggies, butter and Parmesan for a quick pasta dish

4 ounce jars only.